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Best Laptop Backpack Reviewed in 2019 (Top Rated)

Whether you’re a professional or a student, the modern era requires that you have or at least use a computer regularly. That’s why laptops have become such a hit since their release; they give you access to the information we need anytime, and anywhere, as long as it has enough charge, of course.

The issue comes when you have to take it with you from places. What to do then? A bag is not appropriate, and no way we’ll carry it on our hands!

No. What we need on those occasions is the Best Laptop Backpack.

These backpacks with laptop compartments come in to save our days by carrying our devices safely when we’re on the road. They’re comfortable, adjustable, and highly resistant to weather conditions.

But which one should you buy? To help you answer that question, we’ve gathered a list with the top 15 picks of the most valuable backpacks with laptop compartments.

15 Best Laptop Backpack 2019 Reviews

The following list has the best backpacks to buy if you want to take your laptop with you to the office, to school, or for traveling. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer to figure out which is the one we need.

Fishagelo Minimalist Laptop Backpack

We’re starting our list with a backpack that has quickly gained everyone’s attention, and ours, too. It is an incredible achievement, especially considering that there are many options available in the market that could take this spot.

So, what makes this backpack stand out above the rest?

Let’s start with the obvious: the exterior design.

Fishagelo Minimalist Laptop Backpack
Fishagelo Minimalist Laptop Backpack
Fishagelo Minimalist Laptop Backpack

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this backpack is among the most beautiful you can buy. It comes with a black coffee color that makes it appropriate to use under different scenarios, whether you’re a college student or a professional at the office.

The material for the construction of this backpack is the popularly known Oxford fabric. It provides water resistance, and it is capable of absorbing the impacts caused by sudden drops.

Now that we’re talking about drops, we appreciate the bottom design, as well. It has padding to keep your computer, or other devices stored in the backpack, secured from scratches and shocks when you have to put down the backpack.

Fortunately, you won’t have to drop the backpack constantly because of its straps. They are adjustable, increasing the range of people that can adapt it to their bodies and wear it comfortably.

It remains comfortable even after you put your items inside. However, we recommend always making the proper organization to avoid having to take everything out when you’re looking for smaller accessories or items.

Although it has different pockets inside, smaller pockets for our essential items such as keys or cards would’ve been something people would appreciate more.

But you can always make the best out of what you have. And, what you have here, are an inside inner pocket, the main compartment, and a side pocket that you could use for a variety of purposes.

While it is a beautiful backpack, we feel that it lacks plenty of things that other models an offer. Nonetheless, it works well by offering enough space, and by being highly resistant.

  • Beautiful color design
  • Oxford fabric for its construction
  • Lightweight backpack
  • It has adjustable straps
  • More organized pockets for our smaller items would’ve been better.

Swissgear Laptop Backpack 17 Inch

Now, if what you need is to carry a large number of items, then this backpack is probably your best choice.

The main compartment for the laptop is compatible with 17-inch devices. It has the Triple Protect design, which is nothing more than a padded structure that will protect your computer from all angles. To do it, it uses foam on three layers.

Swissgear Laptop Backpack 17 Inch
Swissgear Laptop Backpack 17 Inch
Swissgear Laptop Backpack 17 Inch

Also, the laptop compartment works even better because of the Comp-u-Flex design, which keeps the devices protected. It doesn’t get too tighten, especially when you’re storing a computer that might require some flexibility from the fabric.

Because of that flexibility, it is one of the best laptop backpacks that you could buy. It is durable, lightweight, and resistant to external factors such as water and impacts.

To increase its comfort, it features the AirFlow padding design for the back. It controls the ventilation between you, and your backpack, preventing unpleasant sweating.

There are a couple of reasons that make it one of the best backpacks with laptop compartment available for us.

First, the capacity to store a large variety of items in it, regardless of what kind of accessories they might be. Do you need a backpack for hiking? Great! Put in your supplies, and it will resist the amount of pressure you put on it.

Another reason would be, and you might disagree with us here, is the capacity to stand upright without leaning or failing when you put it down to rest. It might sound silly, but it is frustrating when you want to take a break putting the backpack on a chair, only to fall from it.

However, the CaseBase platform design created for this backpack ensures it doesn’t even lean forward, or to the sides. It is a proper stabilizing design that protects your cargo when you want to sit down for a moment and get some rest.

What we disliked about this backpack, though, were the water bottle pockets. They are too small! Which is an issue if you want to take a trip or while doing an activity on the outside. The only way to work around this issue was to buy new bottles of a smaller size.

  • It can store 17-inch laptops
  • The Triple Protect design for the laptop compartment protects your devices from all angles
  • Proper ventilation design
  • Comp-u-Flex technology protects all of your items
  • Unfortunately, the pockets for the water bottles are too small

Everki Laptop Backpack Review

This backpack aims to assist the professionals traveling with a laptop. Every step of the way has its risk; whether it is rain, impacts or scratches, and the best laptop backpack should protect it from everything. Does it deliver?

In most ways, it does.

everki laptop backpack review
everki laptop backpack review
everki laptop backpack review

It has a laptop compartment that is suitable for a variety of devices of different sizes, from 13 to 17 inches. Regardless of how large the computer is, the 3.8 pounds backpack does an incredible job distributing the weight to make it comfortable to carry during your trips.

Here’s when the straps come into play.

This backpack has a strap system consisting of a 5-Point balance technology. It is capable of distributing the weight of your items to absorb much of the burden and prevent muscle damage. But how does this system work?

It offers two soft-straps that you can adjust for your shoulders, two straps at the bottom of the backpack, and another one for the chest area. Using them properly allows you to carry an incredibly large number of items without suffering from exhaustion.

As a final security measure, the backpack provides lumbar support with comfortable paddings. You’ll have the ventilation airflow design to prevent excessive sweating when you’re under the hot sun.

You can customize the compartment from each size, and from top to bottom, to secure the safety of your device. Here, the Velcro strap plays a huge role that you should take to your advantage.

Once it is in, both the laptop and tablet have the protection it needs inside of super-soft pockets.

Also, it is probably the best TSA laptop backpack in the market. The compartment for the laptop is Checkpoint Friendly, giving you the option to cross the airport security scanners without having to drop or take out the devices inside.

It only requires that you open the backpack at 180-Degrees, put it over the scanner lying flat, and it will go through the security checkpoint quickly. Because of this, we mentioned at the beginning that it is a valuable choice for professionals. One of its disadvantages, though, would be its bulky design. It wouldn’t be weird if some people find it kind of awkward to wear it.

  • Capable of storing 13 to 17-inch laptops
  • 5-Point technology for the straps, which provide more support and comfort
  • Spacious compartments
  • TSA Friendly
  • Bulky construction
  • High Price

QCC& Anti Theft Waterproof Laptop Backpack

With the number of backpacks available, it is often complicated to find one with a professional and beautiful design. It is frustrating, especially if you are a business person looking for a stylish backpack for your formal activities.

Fortunately, we have our next option. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most stylish laptop backpacks that you could find.

QCC& anti theft waterproof laptop backpack
QCC& anti theft waterproof laptop backpack
QCC& anti theft waterproof laptop backpack

It features synthetic leather with a combination of microfiber for its construction, which is more than enough to keep your items secured, especially from water.

The construction and exterior design of this backpack are a couple of the reasons why we chose it, but it is more than just a pretty look.

It stores up to 15-inch laptops in a versatile large compartment that you can use for plenty of other devices, or stuff, like books. Additionally, you could use it for A4 files, clothing pieces, and whatever you might need.

Here’s when this backpack turns from an alright product to an outstanding choice worth buying.

The structure of this backpack features a zipper that you can open entirely at 45-degrees. It works well for the main compartment, and you’d be able to avoid spilling or dropping the content on the floor.

The zipper and the materials used for the creation of this backpack are both durable and water-resistant.

Another incredible feature of this backpack is the ability to make everything feel lighter than it may seem at first.

It has a sponge strap, and there’s also another one at the back, which gives you more support to reduce the burden of your items.

Who gets to use this backpack?

Not sure about you, but everyone could use this backpack and pull it off; from students to professionals, its stylish design allows it to blend well under different environments. The only noticeable issue that might be uncomfortable for some people is the size. It is considerably larger than most backpacks. People of smaller body composition might find it awkward to use.

  • One of the most stylish laptop backpacks available on the market
  • Reduces the burden off your shoulders
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable compartment for 15.6-inch laptops
  • Its large size might be a problem for smaller people

Kipling Seoul Laptop Backpack

Before judging this backpack for its bright colors, keep in mind that there are many versions of it, meaning that you’ll get plenty of models to customize the rest of your apparel with your backpack, and use it for a diversity of purposes; from outdoor activities to school applications.

It is one of the top products from the brand, and we can see why.

Kipling Seoul Laptop Backpack
Kipling Seoul Laptop Backpack
Kipling Seoul Laptop Backpack

This backpack has padded straps that you can also customize and adapt to your body. As we mentioned early, it aims to a big audience, whether they are women or men.

It features a combination of 100% Polyamide and polyester lining to ensure its quality. These two materials create a durable exterior, with plenty of protection for everything you put inside.

Speaking of the interior structure, it offers space for your files, books, and essential accessories. Also, and because that’s the reason why it is here, it has a large section for a 15-inch laptop.

Now, it is worth noting that the laptop compartment would be better if it had a strap or any other piece to keep it steady. Unfortunately, this backpack doesn’t have that, and the devices you put in it remain somewhat loosely.

It would be fair to say that it is among the cool laptop backpacks for a younger audience. As stated before, there are some incredibly bright models appropriate for young teens going through high-school.

The backpack’s design offers an adequate structure to carry their supplies to school. On the side, you’ll find two pockets that they can use for water bottles.

Inside, you’ll find a pen sleeve, and some convenient pockets that give you the organization structure you could need to keep your notebooks in place, and with easy access once you’re at school, or while still walking.

That area doesn’t clash with the main compartment, though. Instead, you’ll access it from the exterior through the zipper.

Here’s when you have to ask yourself two questions: is it a functional backpack? And, is it worth it?

The answer to the first question would be that yes, it is a functional backpack under specific circumstances and for certain people, like teenagers. For older and professionals, perhaps you must look at other options. Also, and getting to our second question, we consider that the high price makes it not worth it. You could get more for less, but that’s up to you to decide.

  • 15-inch compartment for the laptop
  • Zippered compartment at the front
  • Spacious interior structure
  • Sleeves for pens and small notebooks
  • Water bottle
  • High price
  • The laptop remains loose once you put it in its compartment

NOMATIC Slim Laptop Backpack

When we’re carrying our essentials, we often find ourselves stuffing more and more things into the backpack. Sometimes, even more than necessary. But, even then, having spacious compartments is always something that we should appreciate.

That’s the main thing that this backpack has going on.

NOMATIC Slim Laptop Backpack
NOMATIC Slim Laptop Backpack
NOMATIC Slim Laptop Backpack

You see, this backpack has an incredibly efficient structure that gives you the space your items require. Through a simple process, it is capable of expanding from 20L to 24L capacity, while still maintaining its 3lbs weight.

The best thing is that it doesn’t matter how much you put in it. Its straps design is another one of the best features that this backpack has to offer. While carrying it, it will distribute the weight efficiently, making your shoulder suffer less pressure.

However, if the weight becomes too much, you can quickly turn it into a briefcase, as well. It doesn’t take more than unsnapping the back panel, tuck the backpack’s straps, and then proceed to snap it back down.

By doing that, you’ll get to carry it more professionally, if that’s what your job requires.

For professionals, this backpack is more than capable of keeping stuff like documents secured because of its safety measures.

An example of that is the exterior zipper, which is lockable to keep outside elements, or people, from reaching into it.

Additionally, the backside of the bag has a blocking pocket with RFID technology to keep your essential and most precious items safe.

But when the pockets fail, which they rarely do, the Kodra Tarpaulin fabric prevents water from damaging your devices. This material combines well with the zippers, which are waterproof, as well.

To sum up, its minimalist design and expandable capacity, from 20L to 24L, make it a slim laptop backpack that is convenient for many people, of different ages, and under a variety of environments. The only issue would be that it isn’t as durable as you’d expect from a high-priced backpack.

  • It can expand its storage capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Converts into a briefcase easily
  • Sleeves for pens and small notebooks
  • Lockable zippers
  • High price
  • Not durable

Brinch Laptop Backpack

Although this backpack doesn’t have as many inside pockets as we would’ve wanted for our smaller accessories, we could see that as a benefit on its own. The main compartment takes up all of the space, which is suitable for people that want to travel short distances.

When we look at it, it’s one of the largest main compartments that we’ve seen in any backpack. It has soft foam, an elastic hook, and a convenient loo strap that holds everything together, keeping your 18-inch laptop as secure as possible.

brinch laptop backpack
brinch laptop backpack
brinch laptop backpack

Now that we mentioned the strap, it is worth noting the ones for the shoulder support. They are comfortable, and it works well with the airflow system to keep you ventilated. It is a supportive structure not only for your shoulders while carrying the weight, but also for your back, too.

That’s enough about the inside, though. What about the exterior?

On the outside, you’ll find three front zippered pockets for a variety of accessories that you could need. Even though they have zippers, accessing them is not complicated, which makes it easier to get stuff like your keys, or waters, as soon as you need it.

The sides of the backpack have two mesh pockets to keep everything secure while offering two other zippered pockets suitable for water bottles, a small umbrella, and other essential items.

Going back to our first comment about the lack of organizational pockets, it is worth noting that’s not something that reduces the value of this backpack.

The manufacturer might not have wanted it that way, but it is an outstanding backpack where you can stuff down your items without worrying about the weight. Our reasoning behind that is because of the sturdy shoulder straps that you can adjust as you wish.

And, if it becomes too much, you can always grab it by the top padded handle, too. Overall, there are many reasons why this product is one of the best laptop backpacks. It has a nice look, a large capacity, and it is comfortable to use. There isn’t much else that we can ask about it.

  • Incredibly large capacity to store a ton of items and accessories
  • Two mesh pockets, and two zippered pockets on the side for water and umbrella
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Airflow back design
  • It lacks proper organizing pockets for smaller accessories in the inside

GRANEBERG Friendly Swede Backpack

When it comes to incredible designs, this backpack comes short in the list. At least for us, its structure feels somewhat off if you’re looking for more of professional gear. But, perhaps that’s how you should see it: as a backpack for activities that don’t require formal apparel.

It is a slim laptop backpack weighing only 1.5lbs, making it one of the lightest you could find.

GRANEBERG Friendly Swede Backpack
GRANEBERG Friendly Swede Backpack
GRANEBERG Friendly Swede Backpack

You can use it for a variety of purposes, and many tasks, too. Especially if you’re doing outdoor activities that don’t require a large number of supplies, the lightweight of this backpack will come in handy.

Also, the reduced weight helps to prevent shoulder and back issues. It is particularly efficient to prevent health problems for outdoor activities, or for adults that can’t endure a heavy burden.

Notice that we say outdoor activities that don’t require plenty of supplies. The reasoning behind that is that you’d be better off using this backpack around the city, instead of taking it with you out there in the wild hiking or climbing. It is not suitable for that.

But let’s talk about what matters, which is the storage capacity.

It has a laptop compartment to keep your 13-laptop secured. Inside, you’ll also find a small pocket, while the outside offers three pockets that are slim with waterproof zippers.

These pockets are suitable to keep non-essential items. We can’t emphasize enough that this backpack is not as tough as the others, meaning that you have to be careful how and what you put in it.

Fortunately, it does offer some protection for the laptop compartment. The Premium PVC material keeps it dry, rejecting water that you might face during rainy days, or from bottle slips. This material makes it durable and resistant to certain conditions.

At this point, we have some tips for you.

First, if by any chance the material outside the seams starts to fray, get your scissors out and cut the thread. It is quite likely that this issue will happen, so you better be ready for it. Secondly, if you’re looking for a high-quality backpack to carry essential devices for your business, or to travel, consider buying another backpack instead of this one.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Suitable to use around the city
  • Lightweight backpack
  • 13-inch laptop compartment
  • The straps are flimsy
  • Not durable
  • Doesn’t resist tough environment conditions

Victorinox Laptop Backpack Review

Here we have another backpack with a laptop compartment suitable for professionals, students, and anyone who can put it over their shoulders. It is a beautiful choice that carries your things, and also looks good, which means you look good, too!

The construction for this backpack features durable polyester. We’ve seen many products that use this material, and its high durability is one of the reasons why.

Victorinox Laptop Backpack Review
Victorinox Laptop Backpack Review
Victorinox Laptop Backpack Review

It has a back panel with paddings for your comfort, as well as a shoulder strap that you can adjust for your convenience. Also, and to satisfy more customers, it includes a sleeve which allows you to slide it over the handle of the luggage.

But if you want none of that, you can use the top handle. It is both soft and comfortable, giving you a proper grip around it and an alternative if your shoulders get tired after a long way.

We consider that the best advantage you’ll have while wearing this backpack is its number of compartments. We’re not talking only about the 15-inch laptop compartment, but about all of the rest.

It features two front pockets with a vertical zipper and two side pockets. The pocket at the front works well for a variety of essential items like your cards, keys, and whatever you can fit in it. Also, you’ll find a couple of pen holders that could come handy, eventually.

The main compartment is another one of its best features, as well. It has a file divider to keep your documents organized in place, and it offers three other mesh pockets to organize your accessories properly.

All of these sections of the backpack are TSA-Friendly. So, don’t worry about having to drop everything out of it; take your time, organize everything, and then head out to catch that plane. Like many other backpacks, this one has a size issue; not because it is too large but the contrary, it is too small. If they had put a little more effort into making it larger, there would be nothing but incredible things to say about it.

  • It secures your devices in a 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Plenty of pockets for your accessories on the front, sides, and back
  • Durable Polyester construction
  • Comfortable straps
  • TSA-Friendly
  • It is a small backpack. It would’ve been the best laptop backpack if it was any larger

kopack Business Laptop Backpack

When you want to go on a trip and need your laptop with you, having a TSA-Friendly backpack could save you a lot of trouble, time, and issues. After all, who wants to be in an airport for many hours? Most people wouldn’t.

That’s why we have this backpack included in this list.

kopack Business Laptop Backpack
kopack Business Laptop Backpack
kopack Business Laptop Backpack

It is a TSA-Friendly backpack that opens flat the laptop compartment when you’re going through a checkpoint. To improve its efficiency, make sure to use the large and customizable main compartment and organize it properly. If you do, passing through the airport becomes a quick task.

Fortunately, if you somehow get stuck in a place wearing it, the back support system ensures you won’t suffer while you wait to get out of there. It has the S-Shaped shoulder straps and the ventilation panel. These two pieces include breathable sponge to keep your shoulders and back safe.

For more convenience during your activities, this backpack features a USB detachable port. It includes a cable that you can adapt and use for different devices such as your smartphone or tablets. It is easy to use it, and you won’t even have to open the backpack to connect it.

When you’re done using it, simply remove the cable to store it; or, if an accident happens, quickly detach it to replace it for a new one.

The Oxford materials used for its construction improve the water-resistant and prevent scratches, and the ergonomic S-Shape straps will help you carry the weight without issues. These two elements allow you to use the backpack for many activities without any concern about what’s inside.

Also, adding to the comfort the straps provide, we couldn’t let pass mentioning the 3D ventilation design for the backside. It makes it more comfortable to wear it, even under a heavyweight, because it provides ventilation to keep you fresh.

Going back to the compartments for a little bit, we enjoy the interior design of this backpack, too. The laptop compartment holds 17-inch devices, and the main area for your stuff is lockable, giving you more security over your items.

What do we dislike about this backpack? It would have to be its size.

It is a pretty large-sized backpack that could give you trouble if you’re a small person. Even for tall people, it takes plenty of space, which could be awkward.

  • TSA-Friendly
  • Room for plenty of devices, from laptops to tablets
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and back support system
  • Comfortable straps
  • USB Port
  • Large-sized backpack

Ogio Laptop Backpack Review

While it may look simple when you compare it to other models, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss this backpack under the first impression. That’s because, when you have it at your hands and open it up, the number of organization pockets in there will surprise you.

Or, at least, that’s what happened with us.

Ogio Laptop Backpack Review
Ogio Laptop Backpack Review
Ogio Laptop Backpack Review

The backpack’s structure works as follows: a zippered compartment for 15-inch laptops or tech devices, two convenient pockets for water supplies, the always useful luggage pass-through, and comfortable straps to keep everything in its place.

Overall, the 20L capacity of this backpack gives you room for as many items as you’d need during the day at the office, or outside. The waterproof design of this backpack ensures that you’ll have complete safety for your accessories regardless of the environment where you’re moving.

What’s that material for the construction? The Cordura Eco-fabric. If you’re not familiar with it, it goes through a demanding process to test its resistance to impacts and make anti-tear gear with it.

A particular bit of information you might enjoy is that these constructions materials were recycled bottles, which sets a precedent and might motivate manufacturers and customers to be friendlier to our eco-system.

What else does this backpack offer?

Despite being a mid-sized backpack, it has a laptop sleeve that you can use for different devices, and it has pretty useful pockets where you get to organize your accessories.

It includes the adjustable straps for shoulders and sternum, the high-quality YKK zippers, and buckles to lock it over your body and keep it secured.

Additionally, it offers two pockets for large water supplies like bottles, a zippered top compartment for your accessories, and another one at the front. Nonetheless, it lacks a proper charger pocket for our mobiles and other devices. If it had it, this backpack would’ve ranked way higher in our list, precisely because it is an incredible option for travelers! It feels like a proper charging system would’ve made it even better than it already is.

  • Mid-Sized backpack
  • Comfortable laptop pocket
  • Room to organize your belongings
  • Adjustable straps for shoulders and sternum
  • Buckles to secure the backpack
  • Large bottle pockets
  • Made with recycled materials makes it an eco-friendly backpack
  • A charging pocket for essential devices, like the cellphone, would’ve made it even more valuable

Sony LCSBP3 DSLR System Laptop Backpack

If you’re a photographer that uses a laptop and a camera regularly, then you might enjoy our next backpack.

It has enough space and appropriate organization pockets for your DSLR camera, as well as other media equipment that needs the most attention and security measures; we’re talking about accessories like lenses, and other delicate tools.

Sony LCSBP3 DSLR System Laptop Backpack
Sony LCSBP3 DSLR System Laptop Backpack
Sony LCSBP3 DSLR System Laptop Backpack

Now, here’s our first dilemma with this backpack. Despite having plenty of space for different accessories, and being a photographer backpack, it lacks a proper pocket for smaller devices, like an SD Card.

There are outside pockets where you can keep it, but it’s on the exterior, and it doesn’t have the security you’d want for these essential items. Not specifically about the SD Card, but about a variety of devices of a smaller size.

But, continuing with the pockets, let’s talk about what this backpack can provide for every photographer or people who use a laptop for everyday use.

The laptop compartment is suitable for 15-inch laptops or other devices such as tablets. Additionally, it features two pockets that you could use to keep your bottles of water because of how easy it is to access them.

Overall, the backpack offers a 20L capacity to store the items you could need during the day. It might not be the best option if you want to travel, but it satisfies the everyday demand.

To use it as its best capacity, you should learn how to use the dividers for your advantage. They are padded, which makes them secure, but also movable and flexible. There, you’ll be able to organize your stuff as you please.

Also, the cinnabar orange used for the lining of the backpack makes your items stand out above the rest, which prevents losing sight of those smaller accessories that you might need to access quickly.

Accessing those pockets is quite simple, too. The included flaps give you quick access to your items, even when you’re moving and don’t want to drop the backpack down. For 15-inch laptops and some photographer equipment, this backpack is one that you could consider, even when there aren’t suitable pockets for smaller devices.

  • Compatible with 15-inch laptops and photography accessories
  • Padded straps
  • Wide flaps give you access to the content
  • Four dividers inside
  • Convenient interior lining
  • It includes a rain cover
  • It lacks secured pockets for your smaller devices

Shieldon Travel Laptop Backpack

Man! How frustrating is it when you’re looking for a backpack, but the manufacturers keep offering you complicated and uncomfortable products? Sometimes, all we need is a simple backpack that will carry our things. Nothing more.

If that’s the case for you, we might have the solution you need.

Shieldon Travel Laptop Backpack
Shieldon Travel Laptop Backpack
Shieldon Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack is a minimalist design that gives you plenty of space, with easy access to it. No more will you have to worry about inconvenient belts getting in the way, or frustrating zippers that require pressure to open.

Instead, it is a multi-compartment backpack with compartments that are easy to access. In the inside, you’ll be able to keep your 15.6-inch laptop and tablets.

Naturally, what you put in it depends on your needs, and that’s one of its best advantages: that you can adjust a variety of devices in there without causing pressure.

Either way, whatever you put in there will be secured. The laptop sleeve has velboa fabric which, despite being soft, it is an anti-static piece that will reduce the impacts and scratches that your devices might suffer.

This material allows you to put a lot of things in there without worrying about their safety.

And, even if you carry a heavy burden, the ergonomic design makes it more bearable. The backside of the backpack features the AirFlow design with a padded structure. Through this technology, you’ll receive the ventilation for your back to avoid sweaty incidents.

Another benefit of the ergonomic design is that it successfully reduces the pressure from both your shoulders and the neck.

If you’re practicing an outdoor sport or you’re traveling, this technology ensures you’ll carry it comfortably.

What other features does this backpack provide?

Additionally, you’ll get an external port for your USB devices, which includes a cable to keep them charged.

It doesn’t come with a power bank, but it has high compatibility with a variety of them if you decide to buy it separately, which you would have to do to enjoy this feature.

Around the waist area, you’ll find the hidden pocket. It is ideal for the most precious belongings that you don’t want anyone to see.

  • 15.6.-inch laptop compartment
  • Mesh pocket for water bottle
  • Minimalist design
  • USB Port
  • Hidden pocket to secure precious items
  • It includes a rain cover
  • Not the best choice if you want to do highly demanding outdoor activities

Swissgear Laptop Backpack Review

This brand has given us plenty of high-quality products in the past, that the expectations are always high when they’re about to release new models for the market. Here we’re reviewing one of their top creations. Does it deliver what people expected?

This backpack is one of those equipment gears that you want to have when you’re traveling. It makes organizing your accessories easier and, why not, fun.

swissgear laptop backpack review
swissgear laptop backpack review
swissgear laptop backpack review

Why is that? Because it includes a multi-compartment panel. You can use it to set up the interior structure to suit your needs. There, you’ll quickly notice that the transparent mesh is one of its best advantages because it gives you a complete sight of your items.

If you’re storing smaller accessories, the transparent mesh will help you find them quickly as soon as you need it on the go.

But even then, there aren’t enough smaller pockets on the inside. More often than not, you’ll find yourself stuffing accessories into compartments that aren’t suitable for them.

On the exterior, however, it is different.

This backpack offers a water bottle pocket that is highly convenient when you’re out there. An incredible benefit of this section is that it is capable of maintaining the temperature of the beverage, which is always comforting.

When you’re ready, and everything is in its place, adjust the straps to make it comfortable once you’re carrying it.

The straps have a suspension design, and they have a ton of padding, too; undoubtedly, comfort is not something that should worry you while carrying the backpack.

Remember when we mentioned that it is a suitable backpack for travel? We pointed out it was because of how much you can customize it to organize your items, but we also said it because of the TSA-Friendly design.

Because of it, you’ll be able to pass through airport checkpoints easily. Its design allows systems like the X-Ray and the security operators to have complete access to the inside of the backpack. It is a durable backpack that meets our expectations. In it, you’d be able to store your laptop or other devices of your preference. The exterior design is another one of its pluses because it is a beautiful monochrome black that would blend well at the office.

  • Beautiful monochrome black design
  • Large compartment for your devices
  • Suitable for work, outdoor activities, and traveling
  • TSA-Friendly
  • It could use more pockets inside for small accessories

Enhance Universal Console Laptop Gaming Backpack

If you enjoy wearing trendy clothing, then this backpack is one that might get your interest. It is more of a gaming gear than anything else, so it wouldn’t be a proper choice if you’re looking for a more professional look.

Nonetheless, that’s always up to you. Who knows, you might rock it with the office uniform.

enhance universal console laptop gaming backpack
enhance universal console laptop gaming backpack
enhance universal console laptop gaming backpack

It features a large main compartment that you can use for a variety of consoles. Not only laptops, but consoles, keyboards, and whatever piece of hardware that you might need to take with you.

This compartment, like the rest of the pocket, includes dividers that give you every possibility to customize it as you please to store your accessories.

Also, you’ll find an opening at the front, which leads to a couple of compartments of different sizes and structures. Here, you could put extra hardware that your computer could need, such as cables, adapters, mouses, and many more.

But why are these pockets any good? Well, they have protective padding to secure the integrity of your items. You can find the padding all around the backpack, which contributes to preventing damages that could come from impacts or scratches.

But that’s not all. Issues like water and moisture aren’t an issue for this backpack, either. It gets rid of those unpleasant elements because of the highly resistant fabric on both sides, front and back. To fight off the moisture, it uses a baseliner that works as a protective barrier.

Naturally, the interior compartments wouldn’t work well if it doesn’t have the right materials. Fortunately, this backpack delivers in that front, as well.

It can endure weather conditions, impacts, and sudden impacts. To keep your items secured, it features metal zippers, which are both durable and they don’t lose functionality even after plenty of use.

If there was anything we disliked about this backpack, it is probably its size. It is pretty large. In the car, it consumes plenty of space. Finally, people complain about the disc compartment, which lacks padding, but we found that the pockets for the accessories are more than comfortable to use.

  • Construction materials resist weather and impacts
  • Plenty of room to store many items
  • 17-Inch compartment for laptop or gaming consoles
  • Beautiful design
  • It includes a proper pocket for the headset
  • Large size. It consumes plenty of space in the room or car

How To Choose Best Laptop Backpack – Buying Guide

We have information that might help you sort out through all of the options above to choose the best backpack possible. These are the things you should consider before buying.

Construction Material

The first thing you want to have is a durable backpack, and to have that, you’re going to need a high-quality material for its construction.

This material must be waterproof and shock-resistant, as well. Otherwise, how will you be able to protect your devices from the dangers of the outside world?

Anyhow, look out for Polyester fabric backpacks. They are the most common, and they are popular for being among the toughest backpacks for laptops.

Oh! There are some backpacks that use recycled materials, too. You should check them out to lend a helping hand to the environment.

The Straps

To carry your backpack comfortably and not having to put it down every other street, you’re going to need comfortable straps.

Shoulder straps are often available with an S-Shape design. They are popular because of how comfortable they are, but also because they are adjustable, and support your back.

The straps must have the correct size for your shoulder so you might want to look into that, too. Additionally, check out if the backpack offers a waist strap or belt. They are highly convenient when you want to carry a heavy burden because it distributes the weight off your shoulders.

The Laptop Compartment

The point of these reviews is to find the best backpack for your laptop, so we naturally have to talk about the laptop compartment.

You’re going to see many laptop compartments of different sizes; for as little as 13-inch to 17.5-inch devices, however, after confirming it is compatible with your laptop, there are two other things you should consider before buying. First, make sure there’s a proper sleeve to keep the laptop in place to avoid unpleasant scenarios when you’re moving; secondly, you want to make sure the bottom and sides of the compartment has paddings. Otherwise, it could suffer from impacts.


A TSA-Friendly backpack is one that lays out its content without having to take them out of their compartments. This system is useful when you’re passing through airport checkpoints. It helps you save plenty of time that you could use somewhere else.

USB Port

Going for a trip? Then you might want to have a backpack with a USB port. It will allow you to charge your batteries on the road.

Most of the backpacks have a USB, but they lack a power bank. Make sure to check if your preferred backpack offers it.

Ventilated Backside

Isn’t uncomfortable when you’re wearing a backpack, and the sweat starts running down your back? It is a messy situation because it ruins your shirt and feels awkward.

Fortunately, most backpacks feature the AirFlow design, which keeps your backside ventilated when you’re wearing it.

Water Bottle Pockets

Finally, consider getting a backpack with a proper pocket for your water supplies. Some of them are capable of keeping the beverage cold or hot, and it is something that you can use during warm days. Remember to keep yourself hydrated!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Laptop Backpack

When you want to wash your backpack, preparation is essential. Start by emptying it, and check there isn’t dirt or dust inside of it. Remove the detachable pockets and anything you can pull out.

 When you finish preparing it, follow up by checking out the label care of the backpack to know if there are special instructions you must follow.

With a pre-treatment remover and a brush, scrub any stain residue that you can find. Then, wait for 30 minutes. Fill the laundry sink with water, and add detergent to it. Proceed to scrub the backpack using a soft brush or a rag, either will work. Rinse, and put it to dry.

Is Laptop Backpack Good for Outdoor Activities?

Some of them are. If that’s your purpose, look for one that can deliver the level of resistance you’re going to need. For activities like climbing or hiking, the backpack must be durable, water-resistant and shockproof, too.

What is a TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpacks?

They help you organize your laptop in a way that you won’t have to take it out of the backpack when you’re going through a checkpoint or a scanner in places like the airport.


Now that you’ve gone through our top 15 picks for the best laptop backpack, it depends on you now to sort through all of these options and choose the one that will benefit you the most.

Keep in mind that these backpacks have a laptop compartment, yes, but they’re still better under particular environments. For instance, while some work well for outdoor activities like hiking, some others are better to use in the city.

It all depends on what you want to do. Look for one that is compatible with your laptop, has high-quality shoulder straps, and offers durability, too.

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