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10 Best 17-inch Laptop Backpacks (Reviewed 2019)

There are many laptop backpacks available out there, but not every one of them is going to fit a 17-inch laptop. Furthermore, not every one of them is going to be a good backpack in the first place!

If you’ve been looking for a backpack for your 17-inch laptop for quite some time but couldn’t pick one, maybe our top 10 of best 17-inch laptop backpacks can help you.

Best 17-inch laptop backpacks Reviews

Yorepek Travel 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Yorepek Travel 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

This travel laptop backpack by Yorepek basically is a large alternative to the Timbuk2 Uptown backpack we reviewed in the below. The Yorepek backpack has a lay-out design similar to that of the Uptown backpack, whose purpose is to make going through customs a little more convenient.

However, this backpack has a couple of additional features to offer.

First of all, this laptop is much larger than the Uptown laptop, measuring 19 x 14.6 x 10.23 inches. It is even larger than the Samsonite Tectonic laptop! So if you are looking for a backpack with a lot of room for your stuff, this one may be the right option.

The Yorepek backpack also has an exterior USB port to allow you to more conveniently charge the devices that you may need while on the road. Aside from that, it is made of water-resistant fabric, which should provide you with good protection from the rain.

With that being said, a common complaint with this backpack is that it feels cheap for the price. It isn’t too pricey, but you’d probably expect more from it.

  • Exterior USB port.
  • Made of water-resistant fabric.
  • Equipped with a luggage strap.
  • Made to ensure hassle-free customs checkups.
  • Huge capacity.
  • The build feels cheap.

Timbuk2 Uptown 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Uptown 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

TImbuk2 markets its Uptown 17″ laptop backpack as a travel-friendly backpack. This is because this backpack has been designed to allow you to go through customs without taking out all your items. The Uptown backpack just opens up to lay flat for faster checkups.

In terms of laptop storage space, Timbuk2 writes that the Uptown backpack can fit up to 17-inch MacBook Pro laptops. You should be able to fit any 17-inch laptop in this backpack, but the Uptown is going to work the best with thin laptops like the ones offered by Apple.

Timbuk2 also boasts its “legendary lifetime warranty” on this laptop, which shows that the company is confident in its backpack. Furthermore, you’ll be able to resolve issues covered by the warranty free of charge.

In terms of comfort though, this backpack could be a little better – its shoulder straps aren’t that well-padded. If you don’t wear a thicker shirt, the shoulder straps may bite into your skin, so keep this in mind.

  • Travel-friendly item access.
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • The straps aren’t too well-padded.

Victorinox Altmont 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Victorinox Altmont 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

If you only care about the organization in your backpack, the Altmont 17 inch laptop backpack by Victorinox may be a good option for you.

The Altmont laptop backpack has plenty of pockets to keep things organized – 5 exterior pockets, 1 interior zip pocket, as well as 3 interior slip pockets. Not being the biggest backpack on our list, the Altmont backpack offers arguably the best organization of compartments. The build quality in this backpack is also excellent.

On the other hand, this backpack has none of the fancy features that the other backpacks had. But if you don’t need those, this backpack may be the best option for you out there.

  • Great quality.
  • Has many pockets.
  • Well-organized storage compartments.
  • Has none of the fancy features present in other laptop backpacks.

Case Logic 17″ Laptop Backpack

Case Logic 17 inch laptop backpack

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet spacious 17-inch laptop backpack, then maybe this backpack by Case Logic is the right option for you. This laptop backpack appears not to be as travel-friendly as the Uptown backpack we’ve just overviewed, so it is going to be more suitable for shorter trips.

This backpack has the so-called speed pocket though, which provides quick access to small valuables like cell phones, keys, or whatnot. So you still should be able to quickly access your essentials.

The Case Logic backpack seems to be a little smaller than the Uptown backpack as well, measuring 12.4 x 8.5 x 18.5 inches.

The straps seem to be more padded and comfier in this backpack than in the Uptown, which is a plus. On the other hand, when it comes to durability, the Case Logic backpack lags behind pricier backpacks. As they say, you get what you pay for, but this still is a great backpack if you don’t need a heavy-duty unit.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Offers good comfort for the price.
  • The interior seems to be not that durable.

Pelican U100 17-inch Laptop Backpack

Pelican U100 17 inch Laptop Backpack

The Pelican U100 Elite backpack is all about maximum protection. The key feature in this backpack is its protected laptop compartment. It is made crushproof and watertight, so no outdoor condition should be a threat to it. Plus, Pelican includes foam inserts to allow you to secure your laptop no matter its size.

The U100 Elite backpack also has a plentitude of storage compartments to help you keep things organized. However, keep in mind that these compartments aren’t watertight like the laptop compartment – they are just made of 1000D nylon/polyurethane.

With that being said, the U100 Elite backpack is heavy, weighing around 8 pounds, while other backpacks on our list weighed just 2-3 pounds. Furthermore, it has only 16 liters of interior volume, while most other backpacks on the list had 20-25 and more.

Aside from that, this backpack won’t take in thick laptops. Due to the rigid build of the laptop compartment, you just won’t be able to squeeze a bigger laptop in.

But in spite of these downsides, if you are ready to pay the money and need the protection, the U100 Elite backpack may be the best 17-inch laptop backpack for your needs.

  • Watertight and crushproof laptop compartment.
  • Has plenty of pockets to keep things organized.
  • Comes with foam inserts to protect laptops of varying size.
  • Doesn’t offer much space for its weight.
  • Expensive.

Samsonite Tectonic 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Tectonic 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Backpack

The Tectonic backpack by Samsonite is a monster of a backpack. If you are ready to pay its quite steep price, you will be able to enjoy the great amount of storage space it delivers. But that’s not everything this backpack has to offer.

Laptop owners will probably be glad to hear that the Tectonic backpack comes with an adjustable laptop compartment. Thanks to it, this backpack can provide a tight and secure fit for laptops sized from 13 to 17.3 inches.

The Tectonic laptop backpack is also luggage-oriented. What we mean by that is that it has a strap in the front, through which you can slide your luggage bag’s handle for more convenient transportation.

It should be also noted that this backpack is made from a heavy-duty 1680D polyester. For some perspective, regular backpacks are usually made with around 600D polyester, so 1680D is a lot.

With all that being said, this thing costs quite the money, as we mentioned in the beginning. The Tectonic backpack thus isn’t the best option for those on a tight budget.

  • Adjustable laptop compartment.
  • Can fit up to 17.3-inch laptops.
  • Has a luggage strap.
  • Huge size.
  • Pricey.

KROSER 17-Inch Laptop Backpack For College

KROSER 17 Inch Laptop Backpack For College

This is one of the popular college laptop backpack. So, this laptop backpack by KROSER is a rather inexpensive backpack, but it has a couple of features to boast nonetheless.

The first thing that sets this backpack apart from the previous ones is its exterior USB charging port. You can hook your power bank to it from the inside, charge your phone, and not have to reach into your backpack every time you need to make a call or send a text message.

The outside fabric in this backpack is water-repellent as well, so it should be able to protect your items from rain. But do keep in mind that this backpack won’t provide protection in the event of submersion.

The KROSER backpack is rather roomy as well and can fit up to 17.3-inch laptops. However, be mindful that the rectangular shape of the backpack is going to make it feel bulky for its size. If you’d like yourself a more compact backpack, this one may not be the right option.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Has an exterior USB charging port.
  • Water-repellent fabric.
  • Fits up to 17.3-inch laptops.
  • Has a luggage strap.
  • Feels bulky due to its rectangular shape.

Bobby XL 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Bobby XL 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

The Bobby XL backpack is also aimed at safety but in a different way.

This backpack is specifically designed to prevent pickpocketing. All of its compartments are neatly hidden behind a cut-proof protection board. Even the USB charging port is placed out of view on the inner surface of the shoulder strap sleeve.

And while this means that you will have to open the bag to access its compartments, your stuff should be pretty safe inside.

Aside from safety, the Bobby XL backpack has multiple protective layers to safeguard your belongings from shock. Plus, the fabric in this backpack is water-resistant, so rain shouldn’t be a threat to it.

When it comes to capacity though, this backpack can only boast 15 liters of volume, much less than most other backpacks on our list. But if you won’t be carrying too much stuff with you, this won’t be a problem.

  • Cut-proof back.
  • Offers good shock protection.
  • Made of water-resistant fabric.
  • Has an integrated USB charging port.
  • Has a luggage strap.
  • Not too much capacity.
  • All of the pockets and compartments are inside the bag.

Targus Voyager II 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Targus Voyager II 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

The Voyager II backpack by Targus can boast theft & rain protection, as well as great ventilation and a lot of room for 17.3-inch laptops.

To ensure theft protection, the Voyager II backpack is equipped with an anti-theft hood that prevents access to the main compartment. The hood is kept in place by tight compression straps.

For rain protection, this backpack has an integrated rain cover that can be placed on the backpack when necessary. This rain cover should provide better protection than the water-resistant fabrics usually used in laptop backpacks.

As for ventilation, the Voyager II backpack has many airflow channels inside to allow moist air to leave the backpack and keep your back cool.

The only thing that we don’t like about this backpack is organization. It has large compartments, but we wish they were broken down into smaller parts to make carrying small items like cables or pens more convenient.

  • Has an anti-theft hood.
  • Equipped with an integrated rain cover and a luggage strap.
  • Provides excellent ventilation.
  • Fits 17.3-inch laptops.
  • The compartments aren’t too well-organized.

Tocode Fashion 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Tocode Fashion 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

If you are concerned with security most of all, then the Tocode laptop backpack may interest you. It comes with a password lock for the main compartment to protect your valuables. You probably shouldn’t expect too much from this lock, but it’s a good option if you don’t have alternatives at the moment.

This backpack is also made of durable and water-resistant Oxford fabric, so you shouldn’t have problems with the safety of your essentials in it.

The Tocode backpack boasts a 22-inch tall build as well, which can accommodate 17.3-inch laptops easily. On the other hand, since this backpack is only 6 inches thick (most other backpacks on the list were well over that), it won’t fit thick laptops, especially high-end gaming ones. Be mindful of this.

And yeah, if you aren’t a tall person, the 22 inches of height in this backpack may be too much.

By the way, did we mention that this backpack is quite inexpensive? Given its features, this backpack offers great value for the money, which may make this model the best 17-inch laptop backpack if every dollar is valuable for you.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Exterior USB port.
  • Can accommodate 17.3-inch laptops.
  • Password lock included.
  • Made of water-resistant Oxford fabric.
  • May be too tall for shorter people.
  • Won’t fit thick laptops.


There are many laptop backpacks available out there, each with its own set of features and specifics. To be able to make a distinction between them and pick the very best 17-inch laptop backpack, you need to understand what you need exactly.

So no matter how much you like, for example, the Pelican U100 Elite backpack, don’t buy it if you won’t need its features. Carefully think over your needs and spend your money wisely. And, most importantly, don’t rush a decision.

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