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10 Best Laptop Backpack For Travel (Reviewed 2019)

We all know how essential a device like a laptop can be in our life. After all, some people use it to record everything in it, from personal information to sensitive business data that you need to keep your workplace functioning.

There will come a time when you have to take some time away from your comfort zone, and you’ll need the laptop to come with you. If that’s the case, you might want to consider looking at the market to find the best laptop backpack for travel available.

To make your search easier, we’ve gathered a list with the best backpack for travel when you need a reliable storage compartment to secure your laptop.

The following backpacks offer everything you might need to make your travel more fun, and without concerns of damaging your belongings. More so, they make tedious processes like checkpoints at the airport quicker, which is always a plus.

Continue reading to find out more about travel laptop backpack.

10 Best Laptop Backpack For Travel Reviews

Here’s our list with the best travel laptop backpacks. Every one of these products will help you take your loved devices safely from one place to another.

Kanpcelns Leather Travel Laptop Backpack

A versatile backpack opens up many possibilities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. They are a reliable ally to protect your stuff, especially when you’re traveling, or doing outdoor activities of any kind.

That’s where this backpack proves its worth. It is a lightweight design that gives you the option to store many things inside of it, whether it is your laptop, clothes, or school supplies.

It features nylon material for its construction, making it friendly to the environment. This material also produces a water-resistant product and is capable of avoiding scratches.

Kanpcelns Leather Travel Laptop Backpack
Kanpcelns Leather Travel Laptop Backpack
Kanpcelns Leather Travel Laptop Backpack

Also, it is an ergonomic backpack, including honeycomb attributes to ensure comfort while you’re carrying it.

Every one of these features allows the backpack to be a versatile product. You’d be able to use it for your business trips, for vacations, to carry your office tools, and to perform outdoor activities.

Additionally, it is a convenient choice for students looking for a backpack to carry their tools safely.

Overall, there is nothing but benefits if you decide to buy this product. Of course, you must be willing to make the investment, which is considered a high price.

  • Nylon fabric construction.
  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to carry under different scenarios.
  • Versatile backpack.
  • Lightweight.
  • Resists water and scratches.
  • High price.

Osprey Travel Laptop Backpack

Looking for the best heavy duty laptop backpack is not easy. There are many options that you can consider, but most of them are not capable of keeping up with too many traveling accessories.

To help you sort out through the offers, we have this backpack that could meet your expectations.

The straps of this backpack feature the StraightJacket technology, which is a compression system unique to this brand. It includes padded sides that will secure the integrity of everything you put in its compartments.

Osprey Travel Laptop Backpack
Osprey Travel Laptop Backpack
Osprey Travel Laptop Backpack

This system works for other purposes, too. When you’re not using its full capacity, you can turn it into a compressed bag of a smaller size. That’s an advantage if you only need to carry your laptop and nothing else.

Speaking of laptops, you can use the rear panel to store your devices. This area has a lockable zipper that will give you quick access to your belongings if it becomes necessary.

Now that we’re mentioning quick access areas, it is worth mentioning the top pocket, which is a proper compartment if you wish to take beverages with you.

If we were to talk about a disadvantage, it would be the side handle. Its positioning makes it a little awkward to carry the backpack with it because it leans in an awkward position.

  • Highly comfortable straps.
  • The included sleeve for the laptop works well with other devices, as well.
  • The top compartment is suitable for glasses.
  • Carrying it from the side handle makes the backpack rest in an awkward position.

FZYQY Laptop Backpack For Travel

The interior structure of this backpack gives you what you need. It has a large capacity to store your 15.6-inch laptops, files, essential documents, clothing, and more.

Even after putting a heavy load in it, the lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. The addition of a top grip also enables you to remove the weight off your shoulders, making it more of a handbag than anything else.

FZYQY Laptop Backpack For Travel
FZYQY Laptop Backpack For Travel
FZYQY Laptop Backpack For Travel

Either way, the ergonomic design distributes the weight accordingly to prevent your shoulders or hands from getting tired. It is an incredible advantage when you have to be on the road for hours.

It also works to maintain the batteries of your devices with a full charge. That’s possible thanks to the charging pad, which is solar-powered and allows you to keep your batteries running.

Also, the polyester used to create this backpack is a high-quality material that ensures durability.

It is easy to clean and highly resistant to water and it also allows you to carry it when you want to do your favorite outdoor activities, such as hiking or climbing. College students would enjoy this product a lot.

  • The beautiful exterior design makes it appealing.
  • Lightweight with a top grip to rest your shoulders.
  • It includes a charging pad with solar technology.
  • Durable polyester resists water and weather conditions.
  • Perfect choice for outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking.
  • Larger laptops might get pressed by the rest of the items.

Victorinox Laptop Travel Backpack

To protect your items, you need the most resistant materials. Our next backpack features water resistant polyester, and it creates a compact product to optimize the organization of your accessories in the inside.

In the inside, you’ll find compressions straps with a Y-Shaped design, a large lid pocket with convenient mesh and zipper, and a side pocket with plenty of storage space.

It also includes the main compartment where you can keep 15-inch laptops. After use, all of these sections of the package are easy to clean, which makes it suitable to keep not only your devices but also your shoes and clothes.

Victorinox Laptop Travel Backpack
Victorinox Laptop Travel Backpack
Victorinox Laptop Travel Backpack

On the sides, you get adjustable straps that feature Hypalon parts to help you maintain the items in their proper place.

Also, when you’re traveling, you can quickly turn it into a comfortable portable bag for your clothing. The adjustable straps make sure you can transport it easily without inconveniences.

This backpack has exterior front pockets, too. They are vertical zip sections with quick access to the lateral storage compartment, with the other two areas to store water bottles. All of these areas are accessible from either the inside of the backpack or from the exterior.

Nonetheless, it does have its disadvantages. The most noticeable is the lack of a waist strap. Without it, carrying the backpack for a long time could be uncomfortable.

  • Polyester construction makes it durable and water resistant.
  • Y-Shaped straps provide comfort while carrying it.
  • Plenty of storage capacity.
  • Hypalon attachments maintain everything in their place.
  • 2-in-1 product: works as a backpack, or a wheeled luggage.
  • Because it is a large backpack, an extra strap for the waist would’ve made it better.

SwissGear Laptop Backpack For Air Travel

There are many reasons why we take our laptops with us while traveling. But to do to it safely, we’re going to need proper compartments to keep it secured. Accidents can happen at any moment, and damaging our devices can lead to more problems.

That’s why this backpack features ScanSmart technology. This design protects our 17-inch laptops from danger while we’re moving. Also, it allows you to have easy access to your computer when you’re going through checkpoints at the airport.

Because of it, you’d be able to pass through the TSA scan without issues.

SwissGear Laptop Backpack For Air Travel
SwissGear Laptop Backpack For Air Travel
SwissGear Laptop Backpack For Air Travel

Other than the laptop compartment, it features a front pocket that you can customize and organize accordingly to your needs. It is suitable for your school tools, smaller devices, keys, and other items.

Additionally, it has a U-Shape zip pocket that gives you easy access to those necessary items that you use daily. At the sides, you’ll find other compartments to carry your umbrella, bottles, or a couple of clothing pieces.

To provide ventilation, it has the padded back panel. It is the Airflow technology that many other backpacks use to prevent sweaty scenarios. Also, it provides more support carrying your things and comfort.

This backpack manages to provide almost everything we might need. It would’ve been better if it had more zippered sections inside to place stuff like medicine, or glasses.

  • Durable polyester design.
  • ScanSmart technology allows you to pass TSA scans quickly.
  • Compartments for laptops and iPads.
  • Front section for smaller accessories.
  • Adjustable padded straps.
  • Airflow technology.
  • It needs more zippered sections inside to keep items like glasses.

Targus Backpack For Laptop & Travel

Have you ever had one of those backpacks that can’t stand the weight? Even when they’re empty, some of them aren’t capable of standing upright. It is highly uncomfortable if you want to take a break at the airport and need to drop it for a couple of minutes.

This backpack attempts to get rid of that issue.

It is a backpack that can hold 16-inch laptops. This compartment has paddings, but it is not the best quality. You also get a separate soft-touch area to keep other devices, such as tablets.

Targus Backpack For Laptop & Travel
Targus Backpack For Laptop & Travel
Targus Backpack For Laptop & Travel

What we liked the most about this backpack is that it is not made with only our laptops in mind, but other peripherals, too.

For that reason, the media pocket included in the backpack, where you can connect the headphone jack and enjoy some music, is another reason why we liked this product.

Regardless of what you’re keeping in it, the backpack gives you the option to maintain everything in an organized fashion. Also, you can attach the trolley straps to make it more comfortable while traveling.

Another one of its benefits is the soft handle. It prevents your shoulders or hands from irritating after a long time of carrying it. Even then, when it is time to put it down for a short moment, the backpack will not fall forward because its design allows it to stand upright.

  • A large number of pockets to organize everything.
  • Includes a pocket a headphone jack connector.
  • Soft handle and comfortable back panel.
  • It stands upright.
  • Capable of storing 16-inch devices.
  • The paddings in the laptop compartment are not the best.

HooMore Custom Laptop Backpack For Travel

It is hard to figure out this backpack when you look at it from the outside. There are many designs for it, with different colors and models. Some of them don’t even seem like a proper backpack that you can use to store your precious accessories.

However, after you open it, you realize that the interior structure is more than enough to keep a variety of items organized properly. It has a front pocket, the main bag for your essential devices, and durable zippers to lock your gear.

Additionally, the side pockets are compatible with umbrellas, bottles, and any other item you might need to access quickly in case of an emergency.

HooMore Custom Laptop Backpack For Travel
HooMore Custom Laptop Backpack For Travel
HooMore Custom Laptop Backpack For Travel

The high-quality nylon used to create this backpack allows you to secure your items in the inside. You can put devices ranging from 15-inches, and below; laptops, tablets, and other tools are compatible with the main compartment.

Moreover, the double zipper is one of the best advantages of using this backpack. Even after plenty of use and tests, they don’t jam. It offers quick access to your gear.

Also, the adjustable shoulders have comfortable paddings, and it isn’t necessary to put the backpack down to get your items.

For more comfort, the fabric used for the backside of the backpack ensures you receive proper ventilation.

  • Customizable backpack.
  • High-quality nylon construction.
  • Many pockets for your accessories.
  • 15-inch main compartment for your laptop.
  • The side pocket doesn’t keep the bottles stable.

ZHML Laptop Backpack For Business Travel

This backpack features nylon as its main construction material. It is tough enough to endure daily commutes, and washing it afterward doesn’t require much effort.

It has double zippers to allow you easy access to your items, and the shoulder straps are adjustable, meaning that people of all sizes can adapt it to their bodies and make it comfortable to use.

You can use it to carry your 16-inch laptops in it. The padded compartment keeps it stable, even after a long time walking or moving between places.

ZHML Laptop Backpack For Business Travel
ZHML Laptop Backpack For Business Travel
ZHML Laptop Backpack For Business Travel

Other than the laptop compartment, this backpack has pockets for your cellphones, and a particular section to secure the essential documents that you might need.

The vertical square shape and the double root style straps make it both easy and comfortable when you have to carry heavy stuff in the inside.

Moreover, it is an affordable backpack for more than one purpose. Its main focus is to target young customers, and it is a suitable product to keep your equipment when you decide to do outdoor activities.

Overall, it is a convenient backpack that will carry your things and make them comfortable. The design and colors give us a product with an old retro style that is beautiful to see and to use in different places, both formal and informal.

However, after comparing it to other backpacks in this list, we notice this one is not the best option for professional purposes. It isn’t as durable as we would want and lacks organize pockets.

  • Nylon design.
  • Easy to wash after use.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities.
  • It is not durable.
  • Lacks properly organized pockets.

Overmont Tactical Backpack For Travel

Are you looking for a versatile backpack? Then let us introduce you to one of the most efficient models currently on the market.

It works well as a business travel backpack, a bag to take all of your gear to the gym, or as a portable handbag for more comfort. Regardless of how you decide to use it, the Oxford cloth material used to design this product ensures your items don’t get ruined.

The backpack is capable of holding 40L of weight, which gives you plenty of room to accommodate a variety of things; use it to organize your clothing pieces, the official documents, devices such as a laptop, and other accessories you might need during the day.

Overmont Tactical Backpack For Travel
Overmont Tactical Backpack For Travel
Overmont Tactical Backpack For Travel

Another advantage of using this backpack is the S-Shaped shoulder straps. They adjust to shoulders quickly, regardless of the size of your body. It makes carrying your stuff much comfortable and easy.

The foam included is high-density, and it successfully stabilizes the weight of your items to prevent your shoulders from getting exhausted.

This backpack has a side handle, too. You’d be able to use it as a backpack, or as a handbag, depending on the situation and what you’re carrying inside of it.

However, the disadvantage of this product would be that it is not the most convenient backpack for easy access to your items. While checking out at the airport, it might slow you down.

  • Oxford fabric backpack.
  • S-Shaped shoulder straps.
  • A versatile backpack works well to keep your devices or clothing.
  • Plenty of pockets and space for your accessories.
  • Not the best backpack for easy access.

Yorepek Laptop Backpack For Air Travel

Our next product is a polyester fabric backpack that includes the two-way zipper for more convenience while traveling. Accessing and reaching your items in the interior is pretty simple when you can open it either way without having to take it off.

At the top, you’ll find a high-quality handle featuring steel cable to make it easier for you to carry it. Also, you can adjust the ergonomic side straps to adapt it to your body and make it more comfortable after hours on the road.

Yorepek Laptop Backpack For Air Travel
Yorepek Laptop Backpack For Air Travel
Yorepek Laptop Backpack For Air Travel

The padded shoulder straps are another reason why this backpack is reliable equipment. Even when you store plenty of items in it, carrying all the weight does not become uncomfortable. One of the best benefits of this backpack is the mesh panel at the backside.

Traveling sometimes requires spending plenty of hours on the road, waiting in line to access checkpoints, or waiting for the vehicle to arrive. Here, a proper ventilation design for the backpack will be something you need, and that’s where the breathable panel on the back comes in.

This backpack has a USB port and a proper compartment for the headphones. You can store laptops or other devices from 13 to 17-inches.

For more convenience, the backpack has the laptop lying flat in a suitable compartment. It makes it TSA-friendly because you don’t have to get your items out of it.

  • The polyester fabric makes it a durable backpack.
  • Mesh panel at the backside allows ventilation.
  • Holds 13 to 17-inch devices.
  • The padded straps for the shoulders are adjustable.
  • The outside USB port is not convenient. It is better to carry your phone inside of the backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to use a TSA-friendly laptop backpack?

A TSA-Friendly backpack secures your laptop, and it must lay flat in the compartment. The X-Ray screening must produce a clear image of the content on the inside, without anything else obstructing its view.

The key to having an efficient TSA-Friendly backpack is knowing how to store the laptop properly.

Remember that, even if the manufacturer says their backpack is TSA-Friendly, it might still not pass through the X-Ray test. In that case, you’d need to unload everything.

Q. Where to buy a laptop backpack for travel?

Looking for offers at online platforms would be the best. You get to see reviews from other buyers that shed light on any doubt you might have about the product.

Q. Can you wash a Laptop backpack?

Yes, you can. These backpacks are not only for travel. You can use them for outdoor activities, which naturally lead to dirty environments. After use, and if it’s necessary, you’ll need to wash it to maintain its integrity and good looks.

Fortunately, most of the backpacks in our reviews are high-quality products with resistant materials.


Now that you know what makes the best laptop backpack for travel, the choice is yours to decide which one you need.

Don’t continue putting that trip on hold; get yourself a proper backpack for your laptop, and everything will be alright.

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