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10 Best Laptop Backpack for Women (Reviewed 2019)

Laptop backpacks are one of the essential commodities nowadays. When compared with that of men’s laptop backpacks, Female’s are usually designed to be smaller in size. They are made in such a way because it makes them easy to carry.

Herein, the best laptop backpack for women must be compact, and at the same time, should provide sufficient space for carrying a laptop along with other accessories. So before you buy a new one, make sure you select a product which suits your lifestyle.

Different types of laptop backpacks meet requirements for different purposes. Some are designed for travelers while a few of them are designed for office work. Apart from that purpose, they must also be stylish and elegant enough to match with your regular outfits.

It is hence essential to understand how these backpacks are designed before you buy the best one. Make sure the backpacks have sufficient space as it is one of the most important factors in deciding the ideal one. It is because all laptops do not have a similar size, some of them are larger while others are compact and smaller.

10 Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Here is our product review list to help you select a suitable backpack for you. These options are handpicked and personally tested under different conditions by our experts.

KROSER Laptop Backpack

The first product on our list comes from KROSER. It is one of the stylish backpacks for women which will blend in most of the outfits. It is a stunning model which does not essentially look like a backpack.

KROSER Laptop Backpack KROSER Laptop Backpack

This bag is made with polyurethane (PU) coated leather and durable nylon. These materials make the bag spill proof. It will protect the electronics and important documents inside from light rains and any accidental water spills.

You will find enough room space in this bag to store a laptop or a tablet along with other essential things. The main compartment which has a steel frame and reinforced edges can also accommodate other accessories such as chargers, keys, and mobile phones.

More so, there are two side pockets on its exterior which you can use to carry an umbrella or a water bottle.

The backpack can accommodate a laptop up to 15.6 inches’ size. You can also use it to carry things such as clothes or books. Apart from side pockets, there is a front pocket for carrying additional accessories.

Another attractive feature of this backpack is the presence of a USB port. You can use this port to charge your mobile phone or a tablet. Note that you must plug in a power bank to the USB port to charge your device. And obviously, that power bank is not included in the package.

The back panel is padded for the utmost protection of your laptop. Both the belts for wearing this backpack are also padded. You will farther have two leather handles on top of the back which blend with the back belts.

Overall, the KROSER laptop backpack is convenient, comfortable, and a great choice for women.

  • Excellent product with durable materials and top-notch design
  • Large room space
  • USB charging port
  • Spill-proof
  • Can accommodate laptops or tablets with dimensions up to 15.6 inches
  • The USB port is flimsy and can snap out of its position
  • The front pocket zipper is not smooth

P.MAI Professional Laptop Backpack for Women

Backpacks for women should be comfortable without compromising on the style. No wonder why P.MAI designed this backpack which suits and meets their demands. This women’s laptop backpack is ideally suitable for those who want to carry it to their office.

P.MAI Professional Laptop Backpack for Women P.MAI Professional Laptop Backpack for Women

The luxurious pack is made by blending calf leather and nylon with excellent aesthetics. It has a padded laptop compartment within the main pocket. Along with that, there are separate pockets for your water bottle and other accessories to the sides of the main pocket.

All the pockets are soft and have protective micro-fiber which safeguards your items from scratches.

You can fit in a 15-inch laptop without any problem. Furthermore, a quick access pocket on top of the bag can be used for carrying additional accessories. No side pockets are included in this bag. It is designed so because it gives a professional look than a sporty one.

The double zippers of this bag are extremely durable and have a magnet on the top which gives extra protection for your valuables. You can carry the bag with a comfortable handle in the middle or with a dual shoulder strap as per convenience.

Wrapping up, the backpack is efficiently tailored for women who are in different professions such as lawyers, scientists, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and even students. It can also be used as a traveling bag and you can attach it to the handle of your trolley through its back strip so that you can carry them together.

  • Excellent looks, stylish design, and outstanding aesthetics
  • Plenty of room in the main pocket
  • Durable double zippers with a magnet on top
  • Micro-fiber lining to prevent scratches
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Expensive
  • Zippers are a little tough to handle
  • Shoulder straps are too small

KJARAKAR Laptop Backpack

Some users use backpacks for distinctive purposes. If you are one of them, you must check the KJARAKAR backpack. It is designed for multipurpose uses and serves you the best in all.

KJARAKAR Laptop Backpack KJARAKAR Laptop Backpack

Beginning with the design, this bag is made with polyester with canvas look which gives an elegant and stylish impression. This backpack is neither small nor too big which means it will be suitable for users with different heights.

The polyester used in the manufacturing of this backpack gives high water resistance. You can carry your items in the rain without worrying a bit. The pack consists of a large main pocket area which accommodates most portable items. You can store a laptop, tablet, gym equipment, or even baby diapers.

On the top, there is an additional pocket for quick accessing other items such as mobile phones, chargers, pens, and power banks. Both the main and additional pockets on the top have durable zippers. Plus, there are two side pockets which can be used to carry a water bottle or your favorite protein shake.

The shoulder straps are padded which will prevent slipping of the bag when it is heavily loaded. It is one of the few female laptop backpacks which serves multiple purposes. You can carry it to your office, gym, travel destination, and also use as a school bag for your kids.

This bag is not only stylish and elegant but has great functionality too. It is also one of the affordable laptop backpacks on our list. It is a good gift option to your dearest family members of close friends.

  • Stylish design and looks
  • Excellent protection from water
  • Huge room for many items
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • No padded compartment for laptop in the main pocket
  • Not big enough to accommodate 14-inch laptops

Bertasche Women’s Leather Laptop Backpack

A minimalistic backpack designed to be trendy and suit your fashion is the Bertasche women’s leather laptop backpack. It is the most ideal for students, professionals, and outdoor activities.

Bertasche Women’s Leather Laptop Backpack Bertasche Women’s Leather Laptop Backpack

As the name implies, it is made of leather. The polyurethane (PU) leather used in making this bag gives a premium look and durable build quality. It has a single handle on the top and two adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying.

There are two decorative tassels on front of the bag making it a women’s designer laptop backpack type of appearance. They are detachable and you can remove them according to your need or situation.

The main compartment is protected by a flap cover which has a magnetic rotating buckle to lock in its position. Underneath the flap, there is a front pocket with zipper for easy access to your belongings.

On the back of this bag, there is another zipper pocket which can be used to store your valuable items. The bottom of the back is padded to protect your laptop or any other electronics from physical damage.

As for the main pocket of the bag, it consists of a padded compartment for the laptop and another padded layer for tablet. Note that the pocket on the back does not give access to the main compartment. Both these pockets are separate from each other.

Lastly, this backpack is available in two different sizes; 14” and 15.6” versions. You can select according to your requirement.

  • Stylish and elegant
  • Suitable for students and professionals
  • Padded bottom for protection of electronics
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Plenty of room in the main compartment
  • The flap design is a bit odd, and when closed, it leaves the corners open
  • Shoulder strap design is poor

TUMI – Voyageur Hagen Leather Laptop Backpack

TUMI is known for its premium range of backpacks. And this Voyageur Hagen leather laptop backpack is yet another premium bag with a stylish look and design. It is made with durable quality leather which protects the accessories inside this bag very efficiently.

TUMI – Voyageur Hagen Leather Laptop Backpack TUMI – Voyageur Hagen Leather Laptop Backpack

The company has several patented features in their products. Hence, this Voyageur Hagen unit incorporates Omega closure system which is one of the many patented features of TUMI. This closure system reduces damage to the zippers and also prevents breakage of the puller if it is caught accidentally to any obstacles.

With sufficient space to accommodate a laptop or a tablet of 12-inches size, the main pocket is also padded to protect your electronics once placed inside. It can be accessed with a double entry zipper system. Furthermore, there is a U-Zip front pocket for quick access to essential items.

Inside the main compartment, there are three (one large and two small) open compartments (apart from the compartment for a laptop), a water bottle pocket and a zip pocket with has a tracer in it.

The water bottle pocket has water protection lining which will protect your laptop if there are any accidental leaks.

On the exterior, this backpack has a zipped side pocket, a phone pocket with magnetic snap, top handle made of leather, a key ring or dangler which is detachable, sleeve for adding another bag, and the obvious padded shoulder straps.

TUMI’s add-a-bag features give a provision to add another travel baggage to your backpack. This feature is patented by TUMI with which you can add extra baggage with the help of a hook and secure it with a fastened tab. It can hold as much as 200 pounds of weight.

As a whole, this one is a great leather laptop backpack for ladies which can be used for traveling as well as official use.

  • High-quality leather laptop backpack
  • Patented omega closure system and add-a-bag feature
  • Ample number of pockets inside and outside the bag
  • Comfortable padded back belts and a leather handle for easy carrying
  • TUMI tracer
  • Can hold a 12-inch laptop or tablet only
  • Not waterproof
  • Expensive

Texbo Vintage Laptop Backpack

There are many leather laptop backpacks available out there in the market but a very few of them meet user demands. If you are hiking and want to carry your laptop along with you, you must consider this tough backpack.

Texbo Vintage Laptop Backpack Texbo Vintage Laptop Backpack

The Texbo vintage women’s leather laptop backpack is made from cowhide leather and is professionally tailored.

Why this backpack outlasts its competitors? It is because this backpack is designed to withstand rough handling making it suitable for hiking, outdoor sports, and even mountaineers.

The bag consists of a padded compartment which can accommodate a 15.6-inches laptop. It is one of the few leather backpacks which has large space for carrying some extra items.

Beneath its padded laptop compartment, there is sufficient space for keeping other items such as books, clothes, and official documents. Both the compartments have quality cotton lining over leather.

There is an easy access pocket on the top for quick handling of your accessories. Two side pockets are also present for carrying a water bottle or an umbrella.

Since this bag is made of leather, expect some wrinkles when the product is delivered to you. Also, note that this backpack is not waterproof.

You can carry this backpack with a durable handle in the middle or with the shoulder straps. These straps are not padded which is a bit odd considering the fact that it is designed for outdoor sports or hiking usage.

Padding in the bottom of the bag would have been a great addition considering the purpose it was designed for. Nonetheless, it is a tough and durable laptop backpack with huge space for many items.

  • Durable leather backpack with cotton lining
  • Designed for harsh conditions such as hiking and mountain climbing
  • Plenty room for a laptop and other items
  • Durable zippers
  • Can hold larger laptops
  • The cotton lining is mediocre
  • No padded shoulder straps and bottom

Under Armor Women’s on Balance Backpack

If you indulge yourself in outdoor activities frequently, you must consider buying an Under Armor women’s balance backpack. It is one of the very few backpacks that have high water resistance.

Under Armor Women’s on Balance Backpack Under Armor Women’s on Balance Backpack

With this bag, you need not worry about carrying electronics in rainy conditions. The polyester used in its manufacturing has great resilience and can protect your devices from water.

While many bags provide two or more compartments in the main pocket, this bag has two completely different pockets suitable to carry a laptop and tablet separately. Both these compartments have zippers. And, you can carry a 15-inch laptop and tablet in these.

On top of the bag, there is quick access pocket along with the front panel which has another pocket that is soft lined. These pockets can be used to keep your valuable items safe.

The bag has a reflective logo and wordmark on both shoulder strap and front pocket. If you are traveling on a bike or walking in dark conditions, these reflective marks will alert other travelers of your presence.

The foam padding, heat gear back panel, and ergonomic design of the shoulder straps make it one of the comfortable laptop backpacks available out there in the market. To meet your requirements, this backpack is available in a wide range of colors.

  • Sporty and trendy design
  • Foam padding and HeatGear fabric
  • Decent amount of space
  • Separate pockets for laptop and tablet
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Zippers are not durable
  • Inner lining may tear off under extensive use

The North Face Surge Women’s Laptop Backpack

There are few laptop backpacks that are designed to be sporty and provide as much space as possible. The North Face surge women’s laptop backpack is one such ladies laptop backpack which has plenty of room not only for the laptop but also much more things.

The North Face Surge Women’s Laptop Backpack The North Face Surge Women’s Laptop Backpack

Being nylon made, the backpack is tough and has plenty of soft pockets which can be used to carry sensitive items. I will be really tired of mentioning the number of pockets it has.

The main compartment has a laptop partition and another one to store your tablet or books and documents. On the exterior, there are two zippered pockets which act as quick access pockets.

There is a zippered pocket on its back which in turn has several smaller open and zipped pockets. You can store plenty of items making it ideal for traveling and outdoor activities.

Not only in terms of space, but the bag is also tall enough to hold an 18-inch laptop. The major advantage of this bag is its shoulder strap design. They have flexible attachment points which are specifically designed so that the bag does not cause any discomfort to the torso of women.

Along with that, the straps have FlexVent suspension system which provides great comfort to shoulders. The back of this pack is padded and has a mesh design. It is designed in such a way that it comfortably fits on the spine.

A wicking lumbar panel provides superior comfort and ventilation while carrying the bag on your back. It is suitable for outdoor activities, traveling, gym, and as a daily commuting pack. You’ll find it available in multiple colors and you can select the one which suits your style.

  • Great design makes it comfortable to carry
  • FlexVent suspension and wicking lumbar panel
  • A huge amount of space with plenty of pockets
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Can accommodate larger laptops
  • Since the bag is huge, it is not suitable for smaller women
  • The zippers are not of great quality

Jack & Chris Leather Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack is designed specifically for college students. As the name implies, you already know it’s made of leather. Jack & Chris laptop backpack is in fact made with crazy horse leather.

Jack & Chris Leather Laptop Backpack Jack & Chris Leather Laptop Backpack

On the exterior of it, there is the main zipper which gives access to the key compartment. A flap with double magnetic locks protects the main zipper. This feature prevents thieves from accessing the interior of the bag.

There are two side pockets which are quite small according to us. You can carry a small water bottle with the help of these side pockets. Its back of portion is uniquely designed by adding an extra layer of leather to provide a comfortable carry.

Its key pocket has one main compartment for laptop and two small pockets which can be used to carry your mobile or a wallet. This compartment is big enough to hold a 14-inch laptop. Sadly, it is not padded and you must be gentle while handling the bag.

It has a central handle and adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying. Available in two different colors; brown and deep brown, the design and color altogether give a feeling of cowboy type design.

Overall, it is an ideal backpack for students. Professionals can also use this unless your laptop is not more than 14-inches in size. Since it does not have more space, it is not ideal for traveling.

  • Unique design made with crazy horse leather
  • Durable zippers
  • Flap cover with double magnetic locks
  • Comfortable design on the back
  • Can carry a 14-inch laptop
  • Not big enough to carry anything else other than laptop
  • Expensive considering the features it provides

Dakine Frankie Pack

A laptop backpack for women with a trendy and sporty design is what Dakine Frankie offers. It is a simple yet unique bag that provides a plethora of options. Dakine included many features in this bag within a minimalistic design.

Dakine Frankie Pack Dakine Frankie Pack

This backpack is made with 600D polyester making it resistant to moderate water splashes. Therefore, you can carry this bag in moderate rain without worrying about the damage to your electronic devices.

It consists of two padded compartments for both laptop and iPad. Both compartments are fleece lined in order to protect your possessions from scratches. Along with the two padded compartments, there are a total of 7 compartments within the main pocket.

On the back of this bag, there is a breathable DirMesh along with padded shoulder straps.

A fleece lined pocket is present on the top to carry sunglasses. There is a back-panel security pack which can be used to store your valuable items. It has an adjustable sternum strap which can be used according to the fit or convenience.

The bag also consists of two water bottle pockets and an organizer pocket. Dakine has incorporated padded bottom on it which most other manufacturers fail to provide. If you accidentally place this bag with force on its bottom, it will provide protection to your laptop (or iPad) from physical damage.

This backpack can accommodate laptops of 15-inches in size which means it is ideal for office and personal use. You can also use the unit while traveling depending on your requirement. After all, it is a 26L capacity backpack which means you will get plenty of room to store many things.

  • 600D polyester built backpack with water resistance
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Security pocket on the back
  • Breathable DirMesh
  • Padded bottom and shoulder straps
  • Available in one color option only
  • Sternum strap isn’t ideal for women to use and a bit uncomfortable

Final Words

Selecting the best laptop backpack for women is simple if you know you need. Most of these backpacks are designed to fulfill your demands; some of them are ideal for students, while some of them are suitable for travelers and professionals.

Once you understand your requirement, it becomes easy choosing a suitable laptop backpack for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the ideal laptop backpack for professional women?
Any laptop backpack which suits your fashion and has a good amount of space for your belongings is suitable for professional women. You can select Tumi or P.MAI laptop backpacks which are ideally designed for business women, entrepreneurs, and professionals.
Q. Are these laptop backpacks machine washable?
No. Some of them are not washable either. However, there are few laptop backpacks such as Dakine Prom which can be hand washed with cold water. Follow the maintenance instructions given by the manufacturer to know about the same.
Q. What is RFID blocking technology?
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Chips. These are scanning devices which read the chips on your credit or debit cards. To prevent this, some manufacturers add a layer of metal to their bags or wallets which will prevent the scanning devices from reading your card information.

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