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A Complete Laptop Backpack Buying Guide

When you buy a laptop doesn’t mean your job is done after buying your laptop, it needs protection, safety as it is an expensive gadget. From several types of bags, the backpack is the right choice for your laptop. For better protection and safety a laptop backpack is more suitable. But most of the people become confused about a typical backpack and a laptop backpack. From a business professional to a student and a traveler, everybody has a laptop. In the case of traveling, hiking choosing typical backpack for carrying your laptop might not be an ideal decision. Because in the typical backpack there is no special compartment for your laptop. But in a laptop backpack, there is a special compartment where you can put your laptop very safely and other accessories while you are traveling or hiking. So it would be ideal if you choose a laptop backpack. To get the best backpack for your laptop you need a laptop backpack buying guide which will help you to choose the best one.

A laptop backpack gives an extra slab of protection to carry your laptop safely. A laptop backpack is a distinctive type of bag which is constructed to ensure the safety of your laptop. There are laptop backpacks for both man and woman. There are different types of the backpack for your laptop. Like, backpack with laptop sleeve, different size of backpack depending on your laptop size, waterproof laptop backpack, leather laptop backpack, lightweight laptop backpack etc. Before buying a laptop backpack you should know about the brand, quality, and durability of the backpack. I will take you on a tour through this article and at the end of this article, you will be able to find the best laptop backpack that will meet your demand. Now let’s see some of the crucial things you need to consider before buying a laptop backpack.

Guide to buy a laptop backpack

Size of the Laptop

At first, you need to know the exact size of your laptop. Because there are different size of the backpack for different size of the laptop. So, first of all, know the size of your laptop then go for your desired laptop backpack.


So when I am talking about materials it means I am talking about the quality of a backpack. And quality always matters of any product. There are four types of material used for producing a laptop backpack. Leather, Memory foam, Nylon & Polyester, and canvas are used very widely to make a laptop backpack. I am going to give you some basic idea of these four materials.

Material of Laptop Backpack


A leather backpack is always good and more stylish as well as professional. Leather backpack mostly used by business professional as it gives a professional appearance. Leathers are durable so when you buy a leather backpack that means it will be long-lasting. And as I said it always looks cool.


Canvas is a very tenacious fabric. If you want to protect your laptop and other essential gadgets from light rain then you have to go for a canvas backpack as it is water resistant. Canvas backpack can save your laptop and other accessories from light rain. Canvas is a water-resistant backpack, not a waterproof backpack you have to remember it.

Memory Foam

Memory foam backpack is the best backpack if you want to protect your laptop from shocks. Because memory foam backpack is shock absorption backpack. Memory foam backpack always gives you extra protection to the laptop and other accessories. If your backpack fell down or get hits from anything then memory foam backpack will protect your laptop and other accessories. As it soaks up that kind of hit.

Nylon and Polyester

Though nylon and polyester are the lightest material it’s durable. If you want to protect your laptop from shocks then it would not be an ideal decision to choose a nylon and polyester backpack. Because nylon and polyester backpack is not for shock absorption. And obviously, these backpacks are not water-resistant or waterproof. But one of the advantages of nylon and polyester backpack is that it dries out very quickly.

Carrying Capacity Backpack

Carrying Capacity

When you made a decision that what kind of materials you are going to pick out for your laptop backpack then you need to consider carrying capacity of that materials backpack. If you carry other accessories other than your laptop then you need to consider the capacity of a backpack. Like how many compartments are there inside of a laptop backpack. Is there any charging port so that you can charge your smartphone by power bank. Are there any side pocket so that you can carry your water bottle. Then you need to look into the inside of the backpack that is there any enough storage capacity to house everything you need to carry. These are the things you need to consider a backpack.


One of the crucial matter you need to consider is that comfortability when you are carrying your backpack on your backpack. I have already discussed materials used to make a laptop backpack. So you should find which material backpack will make you more comfortable. Then you need to look into the shoulder straps and back side of the backpack. You have to go for padded shoulder straps so that you can feel less pressure on your shoulder when you are carrying your backpack. In addition, padded shoulder straps will give you an extra pleasant while carrying. Then you need to see the back side of the backpack. The back side of the backpack must need air mesh so that your skin can breathe while you are carrying your backpack. Finally, you need to find a backpack which fits your body.

Backpack Zipper


One of the most important parts of a backpack is its zippers. Find a backpack which has a good quality of zippers. Go for metallic zipper and teeth because metallic zippers are more long-lasting than other types of zippers. Try to avoid plastic zipper. The irresistible loss of zipper can make your backpack completely useless.


The style is something which indicates someone’s taste, preference, and attitudes. It is a matter of appearance in front of the public. It means how you want to show up yourself to other people. Nowadays backpack is the key thing to complete your style. So when you are going to buy a backpack by meeting other requirements then you should look for whether it’s stylish that will suit you. You should choose a backpack which will give you a good professional look. Style varies from person to person. Say for example some of the people like vintage design, some of the like clean design and some people like modern design. So you need to decide what kind of design you like and obviously which will suit your body.

Water Resistance Laptop Backpack

Water-resistant or waterproof

There is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant you need to remember. I have already talked about water-resistant materials. So if you want a water-resistant backpack then go for that kind of materials backpack which I have mentioned earlier. If you want to buy a waterproof backpack then there are lots of backpacks which are specially designed. You can buy a waterproof backpack by meeting your all other requirements. It’s obvious that you need a water-resistant or waterproof backpack to protect your laptop and all other accessories from the rain.

Finally, I have given you a complete guide through this guideline to choose your desired laptop backpack. If you read this whole guideline I am pretty sure you will be able to find the best laptop backpack which will meet your all requirements. Best of luck.

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