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6 Types of Laptop Bag And Their Advantages

Laptops are elegant to everyone. From a breadwinner to a (high school or college going) student laptop is indispensable for today’s world. People buy a laptop with the intention of carrying it wherever they are going. No one carries a laptop and other essential gadgets with the vacant hand. For carrying a laptop and other gadgets you need a bag which will protect and cover against from dust and other physical damages. There are plenty of styles and designs for these laptop bags, and obviously, you need to know what you need. From those numerous styles and designs, there are different types of bags for a different kind of taste and preference because everybody’s style, taste, and preference are not the same. I have chosen some of the delicate types of bag for your consideration. I give you a lowdown on 6 of the most popular types of a laptop bag. I will also mention some of the advantages of each type of laptop bags.

Laptop Backpack

1. Backpack

A backpack which is carried on one’s back and fixed with two straps that go over the shoulder. There are different types of the backpack but we are gonna only talk about laptop backpack. There is some special kind of backpack which are being produced only for carrying a laptop and other tech essential gadgets. That means the size of the backpack, the design of the backpack, the formation of the backpack is different from other backpacks. Normally the size of the laptop backpack is a little bit smaller than other backpacks. A backpack is the most swank and snug for carrying a laptop and other gadgets. If you look at the interior of a backpack you will see there are the different size of the compartment. Say for example one compartment for your laptop another compartment for your tablet which is a bit smaller than laptop compartment.

Advantages of Backpack

  • Laptop Backpack usually has a padded compartment for keeping your laptop in the right position.
  • Most of the backpack straps and back are padded so when you are wearing a backpack you feel comfortable.
  • A backpack is tremendously contemporary and can balance the weight of the laptop evenly on your shoulders and back.
  • As there are lots of compartment inside a backpack not only you can carry your laptop but also some of your essential gadgets.
  • One of the significant advantage of backpack whether you are a college student or a business professional it doesn’t matter the backpack is work for one and all.
Macbook Laptop Sleeve

2. Sleeve Bag

The trend of the laptop sleeve bag is very recent. The idea of carrying a laptop in a sleeve bag came when people saw that day by day laptops are getting smaller and thinner. Sleeve bags are much simpler than other laptop bags. There is no strap or belt in the sleeve bags for holding. You have to hold it with your hand. Sleeve bags are more stylish because whenever you are carrying your laptop with a sleeve bag it’s more of being professional. Inside of the sleeve bag, there is only one compartment with zipper for your laptop. So when you are thinking of sleeve bag for carrying your laptop you should forget about other essential stuff because you can not carry other essential stuff with sleeve bag as there is only one compartment inside the sleeve bag. Basically, a sleeve bag made from rubber-like materials. A sleeve bag is more comfortable and handy if you have a smaller and thinner laptop.

Advantages of sleeve bag

  • Sleeve bags are handier than other bags.
  • Usually, sleeve bags are made of a different color so it’s vibrant.
  • Sleeve bags are lean and lighter compare to other bags.
  • As sleeve bags don’t have much variation so the price is lower than other bags.
leather laptop bag

3. Messenger Bag

If we look out the history of messenger bag then we see the design of the bag has been used is the transportation of mails and goods by numerous messengers. Like, Pony expresses riders, postal workers, a messenger on foot (especially in ancient time), etc. Messenger bag also is known as a side bag. The main feature of the messenger bag is it has one strap which goes over the shoulder. A messenger bag is hung by one shoulder and it is a traditional bag so it will never go out of style. The messenger bag mostly used by business professional to work because of its elegant look as it always looks professional. A messenger bag offers a big zipper compartment to keep your laptop in addition 3 to 4 compartment inside the bag for keeping other accessories of your laptop or other gadgets like a tablet, cell phone, documents, water bottle, etc. The strap of the messenger bag is detachable. Skeletally messenger bags have two handlebars so that it can be carried without straps.

Advantages of Messenger Bag

  • A messenger bag offers various compartment so that you can keep not only your laptop but also other accessories.
  • As the strap of messenger bags is detachable so you can use this bag as a shoulder bag or as a briefcase bags.
  • Carrying a messenger bag always look elegant as it is a traditional bag.
  • People who want to cross body style for wearing a bag messenger bag is the best option for them.
  • A messenger bag gives you a good amount of protection for your laptop and a messenger bag offers a lot of styles and designs.
Women Laptop Tote Bag

4. Tote Bag

Laptop tote bags especially used by the woman. Basically, tote bags are made for the only woman because it has become a trend that tote bag only used by a girl for various reason. Tote bags are made of various types of clothes and sometimes leather. There is only one big compartment in this tote bag to put a laptop in. As there is no additional compartment so you can not put in other accessories and this the prime disadvantage of this bag. But the laptop compartment is big enough so you can put a little number of other accessories like a water pot and some documents, a book, etc. Tote bags are more stylish.

Advantages of Tote Bag

  • The tote bag has two straps which will allow you to hang the bag into one shoulder.
  • It is more classic and trendy.
  • When a girl hangs a tote bag she looks like more of professional.
  • Tote bags are best if you have a small-sized laptop or notebook.
Laptop Sling Back

5. Sling Bag

A sling bag is almost like a backpack. Sling bag sometimes also called Sling Backpack. The main difference between a sling backpack and a backpack is a backpack has two straps and a sling backpack has only one. If you wear the sling bag then the strap will go over your chest and the bag will be kept as a like backpack on your back. One ended of the strap is attached to the top of the bag and another ended of the strap is attached to the bottom of the bag. If we talk about the size of the sling bag then basically, it depends on the style and design of the bag. Like a backpack sling bag also has a various side pocket for keeping water pot or any other small accessories. Inside of the sling bag, there are several compartments to put your laptop and other essential gadgets. The main compartment of the bag is secured with a zipper.

Advantages of the sling bag

  • When you carry a sling bag with your laptop and all other gadgets it will greatly reduce the weight and pressure as it has only one strap which goes over your chest.
  • The sling bag will allow you a hands-free walking because you will carry it by your back.
  • As it has multiple side pocket and compartments so you can carry your laptop as well as other accessories.
  • It will give you comfortableness while carrying as the size of this bag is small not so big.
  • And obviously, it is a fashionable bag with multiple benefits.
Rolling Laptop Backpack

6. Briefcase with Wheels Bag

The world has been changing day by day along with this our lifestyle also has been changing. Our taste, preference, style, perception, attitude everything is changing. The title of this bag is a little bit awkward that maybe you are thinking that how can a laptop bag with wheels but don’t be surprised as I said the world is changing as well as the behavior of people. This kind of bag is especially used by a business professional. A business professional always needs to go from one state to another state or even one country to another country for the purpose of business. On a business trip, a business professional may need to stay in the state or country so they need their essential cloth with other business documents and laptop. This bag will allow you to put your laptop in and other accessories as well as some clothes as it has multiple compartments with enough place. When you are traveling if have only one bag where you can put everything you need then the tour becomes more comfortable and clean. Because no one wants to carry the extra burden while traveling. This bag has two to four-wheel which allow you to pull the bag on the ground easily without any hard work. And it has a big handle which will allow you to pull. Let’s see some of the advantages of this bag.

Advantages of Business style laptop case and Briefcase with wheels

  • A bag with business style and multiple compartments.
  • You don’t need to carry it with your body like other bags you can carry it by just pulling with your hand wherever you are walking.
  • One of the amazing features of this bag is you can increase the size of this bag.
  • There is no possibility of fallen down as it always on the ground so your laptop is safer from physical damage.
  • And it always gives you a formal style.


Nowadays laptop is more important than any other gadgets so it needs better protection and safety. For this, a laptop always needs a bag so I have given you a clear overview of 6 types of bags and their feature and several advantages. As the taste and preference vary from person to person so everybody’s choice will be different.


I have a special recommendation for you as I did analysis on those 6 bags and thoroughly reviewed those bags. Some facility of Laptop Backpack made it different from other types of bag. I think the Backpack is the best bag for students (college going and high school going), business professionals and IT persons. A Backpack will give you multiple facilities with multiple features. Moreover, the Backpack is one of the most trendy bags for the present world.

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